The Girl Stash & Bedroom

Below are some pictures of the things we’ve been hoarding storing for that time when we have a girl staying in our home. Many of these things were purchased when we were in process for Russia. Other things have been added one at a time at random. Others were specifically purchased at times when I was feeling discouraged and purchasing them was a way of promising  myself that the journey would end someday and we would have a girl in our home soon.

WP_003241 WP_003242 WP_003239 (1) WP_003238 WP_003233


The shoes were the first items purchased after we made the decision to go to Russia.  The “Frozen” read along and the pink bunny are the most recent additions.  These pictures are not all inclusive, but they are representative. Most of the items are geared toward a younger child, in part because the girl from Russia would have been biologically 5, though physically and psychologically about 3 when we brought her home (see my posts about institutional delay for more info), and in part because it seems easier to choose things for younger children since their tastes seem to get so much more specific as they get older and we have no way of knowing what they may be interested in or even what colors they like or despise. BTW the giant butterfly is a backpack.

And oh yes, here is a picture of the girls’ room as it stands.  We may or may not need the crib, depending on who we are matched with, but we are required to have it in order to even be considered for anyone 2 or under.  If we do not need the crib, we will need another twin mattress. In addition, we are working toward clearing out another room (currently serving as our school supply room) so that each girl will have her own room if we are matched with older girls.

WP_002249 WP_002245 WP_002244 (1) WP_002242


The mural theme was chosen by our youngest boys and is, of course, open to change according to the tastes of whomever we are matched with.

2 responses to “The Girl Stash & Bedroom

  1. Your heart to love others, especially children who need a home, is so beautiful and selfless. What a sweet day it will be when you are paired with a child/children and they join your family.

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